• Angustos AIP-100L Over IP KVM is optimized for high density Rack in modern Data Center ,combine with Over IP KVM technology.
  • Integrating a powerful signal processing chip,the AIP-100L handle both video and input inboth direction. The compact design ultilized fornarrow space suit the short-rack mounting in
    condensed area of the modern time DataCenter. The AIP-100L can upgrade a normalbasic KVM Switch unit into a fully Over IP KVMSwitch.
  • In addition, AIP-100L included an additionalsemi-recess buttons for quick reset and returnto default, simplified the set up and configsteps. With all of the technology involved, theAIP-100L is a great upgrade for a modern Data Center use, which including : short space optimization, exceptional display quality, easy to install, extreme versatility.


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