• Server-end: VGA + USB-A (or PS/2)
  • KVM port: 3in1 SPHD (Keyboard / Video / Mouse) Length :
    AR-CC02L : 1.8 meter
    AR-CC03L : 3 meter
    AR-CC05L : 5 meter
    AR-CC10L : 10 meter
    (Please consult with ANGUSTOS sales representative for 10m cable)
  • The cascade mode description is as follows:
    1. A cascaded KVM switch can be connected in two ways by using a USB KVM cable or a PS/2 KVM cable.
    Connect to the upper-level KVM switch by using console connection (Check Connection Diagram).
    2. The number of computers connected to each level can be free to increase or decrease according to requirement.
    3. Between the cascade connection devices, it can be optional for remote control, can also be handed over from the
    top level and remote level as a unified control operations.





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