Why choose ANGUSTOS Pro-AV ?
We can provide you the best solution that suits your TVs, interactive screens, meeting room high-end projector, digital signage and videowall system. We
do not just simply sell the equipments but also a smart solution that is just as well designed as it is functional. Solutions that guarantee and define our
To help you find the exact solution you need, Angustos has an extensive product range that is possible to compose a solution for nearly every Pro
AV application. Our highly skill solution teams are happy to help you to quickly find the best solution for your installation, saving you the time and
effort and hassle for complex system.



  • Splitter device 1 video source into 4 destinations.
  • Resolution up to 3840 * 2160 @ 60 Hz
  • Compliance with HDMI 2.0
  • Comply with HDCP 2.2
  • Automatically match the EDID
  • High compatibility, auto-match source and display
  • Built-in automatic adjustment system
  • Built-in 3.5mm Audio extractor output
  • Simple to install, plug and play





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