Angustos AIS series, based on the brannew high-performance hardware and software system of Angustos’s independent intellectual
property rights, supports rich Layer-2/Layer-3 routing and industrial ring network protocols. AIS series adopts die-casting aluminum
shell and standard 19-inch rack-mounted installation, and provides redundant wide-voltage industrial power supplies. With the
reliable industrial Ethernet ring technology, its hardware-based algorithm can ensure node self-healing time less than 5 milliseconds,
and the ring network self-healing time less than 50 milliseconds (typical value). Angustos AIS series, with fanless design, low power
consumption, wide temperature and wide voltage in compliance with strict industry standards, can adapt to harsh environment
requirements for EMC, antivibration and shock-proof capabilities, IP40 protection level. AIS series can be widely used in energy,
transportation, industrial production, environmental protection, military industry.


-Lightning protection level: 6KV
-IP40 protection, industrial fanless thermal conduction.
-Supports dual 220V wide-voltage industrial power input (DC model is optional)
-Complying with industrial operation specifications
-Supports Self-healing time less than 5 milliseconds
-Support ring network self-healing time less than 50 milliseconds.
-.Supports layer-3 static routing, dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF)
-Support Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).Supports virtual stacking
-Supports to form a self-healing ring between any two ports
-supports multiple independent selfhealing rings
-Provides Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), to quickly recover from network failures.
-Supports simple network management protocol (SNMP) and cloud-based operating platform (COP).
-The MTBF is over 800,000 hours.



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