PT. Prospek Vinet Cemerlang

PT. Prospek Vinet Cemerlang

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Prospek Vinet Cemerlang Provides IT Solution for Your Business

HVS Group was founded in 2011 and owns a subsidiary named PT Prospect Vinet Cemerlang which was established in 2015, our technology recognizes that every solution must begin with a need and end with satisfaction. Therefore, we focus on providing solutions to customers, delivering results and deep satisfaction, using our products and services as a single integrated system thereby facilitating the work in daily activities. We offer a complete integrated solution for your business in the field of service, provision, and maintenance of devices in information technology systems for your business.

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In 2015 until now PVC already had several projects and clients including PT MetroTV, PT. JHL Solitaire, PT. Warsila, PT. Anggara, PT. Strawberindo, PT. Pupuk Kaltim Tbk,  PT. Rider Levett Bucknail (RLB),  PT Griya Miesejati (Bakmi GM), PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik (Cinepolis), etc.   Read More About Our Company: Milestone:  

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